If wildfires have affected you, help is available.

We have created WallaceFireLaw.com as a resource for victims of the recent California Wildfires that swept through California communities in December 2017. These wildfires, including the Sylmar Creek Fire and the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, forced over 230,000 people to evacuate, with the 6 largest fires burning over 307,900 acres (1,246 km2) and more than 1,300 structures.

While many homeowners had insurance to cover portions of the damage they suffered to their homes and personal property, the majority of people who were affected by these devastating fires did not come close to being fully compensated for all of their personal property, property damage, and emotional distress.

Our firm is representing homeowners and property owners in seeking monetary compensation, above and beyond what they already recovered from property insurance proceeds, against the companies and government entities who have legal responsibility in causing, or contributing to the cause of, these horrific wildfires.